Our brand, “Cerámica J. Marín”, has been linked with the innovation and development of new products for more than two decades. This is why we manage to keep the best of our past and to adapt it to our days.
We specialize in decorative pottery, dinner services and complements. We also offer customized handicrafts.

We are member of the Association of Handmade Pottery of La Rambla, Spain, and as such we produce handicrafts in general and decorative handmade pottery in particular..

Please, contact us for any information. Our company is located in La Rambla, Cordoba (Spain)


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Handmade pottery J. Marín
Decorative pottery, dinner services and complements
Street Redonda 25, 14540 La Rambla (Córdoba )
Phone Number: 679 844 006
Email: info@ceramicajmarin.com 

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